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Colorful examples of knitted wire mesh scourers KnitMesh Technologies
Chef with bottle of brandy and flames enveloping pan on grill top Copper-topped water kettle with kettle fur collector inside

Knitted Wire Mesh For Home & Business

Some of the same properties that make knitted wire mesh indispensible for industrial applications- resilience, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and tortuosity (for improved filtration)- make knitted wire mesh perfect for cleaning and other household and janitorial applications.

Knitted Mesh Scourers

Through the Britnit™ brand, KnitMesh offers a line of wire mesh household scourers and scrubbers in a variety of materials, including plastic, stainless steel and copper. The wide variety of materials create a product line that can clean sensitive non-stick surface, ceramics and glass as well as copper pans, stainless steel cookware, counters, walls, almost anything. Some can even be used to strip paint, corrosion and adhesive.

Kettle Fur Collector

The structure of knitted mesh allows for a very specialized use: kettle fur cleaning, for collection of limescale deposits during boiling.

Decorative Copper Wire Mesh Organic Pest Control

Even more specialized, but a boon to gardeners everywhere, are the properties inherent in copper which prevent snails and slugs from crossing a decorative copper mesh or screen that can be placed around gardens, pots or individual plants.

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