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Thermal Insulation Mesh

KnitMesh Technologies thermal insulation mesh provides a cost-effective, widely used means of sheathing and structural reinforcement for numerous industrial thermal insulation materials. The mesh protects the industrial insulation from abrasion and general fibre break-up through handling, vibration and long-term deterioration.

Combining KnitMesh Technologies thermal insulation mesh with industrial insulation enables the creation of easily handled semi-rigid sheets, flexible blankets, seals and gaskets.

Spring back & resilience

Formed into interlocking asymmetrical loops of wire, KnitMesh thermal insulation mesh offers superb 'spring back' and resilience.

Wide-ranging applications

With almost unlimited applications for sheathing high temperature insulation materials, thermal insulation mesh is widely used across the aircraft, nuclear, automotive, marine, gas and fire protection industries, as well as for oven, boiler and furnace door seals.

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Thermal insulation mesh near molten metal
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Material specification

Approx. working temperature (°C) Material
400 Stainless steel 304L/306L
800 Stainless steel 321/347
1050 Stainless steel 310
Incoloy DS
1050+ Inconel 601*
1250 Nickel chrome 80/20
1250+ Fecralloy
Silicate of Molybdenum**

Features & Benefits

  • Resistant to temperature extremes
  • Increased flexibility and resilience through interlocking loop structure
  • Superb mechanical strength enabling re-use
  • Accelerates installation and eases fitting in restricted areas
  • Custom-manufactured for your specific application
  • Can be formed to fit almost any shape
  • Wide range of materials to suit temperature and corrosion requirements

Mesh sizes

KnitMesh Technologies thermal insulation mesh is available in a wide range of sizes.

* Inconel is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation, USA.
** Fecralloy is a registered trademark of Kanthal AB