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Knitted wire mesh scouring tool Anti-vandal/ anti-stab knitted wire mesh protection
Refinery Pipes utilizing knitted wire mesh CAD work on monitor featuring wire mesh filters

Wire Mesh Engineering Innovations

There are almost unlimited industrial applications for wire mesh-insulation; heat, vibration, shock, corrosion, radiation shielding and suppression; sealing; filtration; scouring; architectural design and property protection. New applications demanding the strength, flexibility, resilience and resistance of knitted wire mesh are discovered every day.

At KnitMesh Technologies, our design capabilities enable us to manufacture specialized knitted mesh products to solve many of industry’s most challenging problems. At the same time, our research and development facilities are constantly developing new knitted mesh technologies for both established and ground-breaking applications. Please contact us to discuss your specific applications.

Our knitted mesh in lay-flat stocking form has helped to revolutionise anti-vandal products and anti-stab protections. It is also used for plastic extrusion die cleaning, filtration products, grease filters, insulation blanket covering as well as industrial, catering and domestic cleaning applications. Knitted insulated wires can form continuous electrical circuits with both heating and security applications.

Compressed knitted wire elements

Knitted wire, compacted to create compressed elements, is used in a variety of industries for vibration damping, sound attenuation, heat transfer and high performance sealing.

High temperature gaskets - marine, aerospace & furnaces

KnitMesh Technologies all-metal resilient wire cores are used in the aerospace and marine industries as well as in high temperature sealing gaskets on furnace and oven doors.

Gas & liquid filtration

KnitMesh Technologies offers knitted filtration products that—thanks to their unique structure of interlocking loops—have significant advantages over other products used for filtering liquids and gases.

Knitted mesh filters can be produced in any metallic/non-metallic material that can be drawn into a filament. Typical forms include: mesh rolls, circular and rectangular pads, complete filters and compressed elements. Where necessary, KnitMesh utilizes metal alloys or plastics that are highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand temperatures well in excess of 1000°C.

Examples of our knitted mesh filtration products include:

  • Lint filters on washing machine outlet pipes
  • Paint spray plant air outlets
  • Intake filters on air compressors
  • Bag separator layers or elements in dust collection systems
  • Noise attenuating filters in air tools
  • Kitchen appliance grease filters
  • Coarse dust pre-filters in heating and ventilating systems

Engineering Products