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Kleenknit™ Copper Cleaning Mesh

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KleenKnit™ Copper Cleaning Mesh

KnitMesh Technologies KleenKnit™ copper cleaning mesh is made from a highly flexible scouring material and has been designed for a wide range of heavy-duty cleaning applications.

KleenKnit™ cleaning copper is knitted as a continuous flat stocking that is approximately 125mm wide. The flatness of KleenKnit™ provides superb scouring capabilities, while the softness of the copper removes the risk of scratching precision steel work surfaces during cleaning.

KleenKnit™ copper gauze provides two cleaning grades in one. Use as supplied for normal cleaning, or inside-out for superior scouring. It is supplied in 2 x 50m rolls of approximately 115 - 140mm wide (100m per pack).

Plastics industry

KleenKnit™ copper gauze is the ideal material for cleaning the extrusion dies, screws and barrels used in the plastics industry, along with mould injection machines and other surfaces.

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Features & Benefits

  • Low cost - KleenKnit™ cleaning copper is probably the most effective cleaning tool available, it cleans machines in less time, meaning far shorter down time
  • Safe - KleenKnit™ copper gauze is made from single copper filament, meaning it will not rust or contaminate end product. It will not burn, smoke or fume on hot equipment
  • Flexible - KleenKnit™ copper mesh is used in many industries for many cleaning roles. Used with a stripper it will remove paint or varnish - as well as heavy staining

KleenKnit™ is the new name for Cadnit™ products.