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Mesh Exhaust Silencer & Knitted Mesh Muffler Packing

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Mesh Exhaust Silencer Packing & Knitted Mesh Muffler Packing materials

KnitMesh Technologies stainless steel wire wool tubes or pads are designed to encapsulate the perforated tube within mufflers to retain basalt /glass wool and enhance performance.

Using our knitted mesh exhaust silencer packing materials and knitted mesh muffler packings will also give the muffler a longer life as the gas erosion of the fibres is reduced.

Wire wool packing is normally manufactured from grade 434 stainless steel and can be supplied in bulk, roll form or in tubular or die cut form for easier installation where more complex shapes are involved.

For better shape definition, a sleeve of knitted wire mesh can also be placed around the outside of the wool packing.

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Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel - withstands attack from exhaust acids
  • Outstanding sound attenuating properties
  • Available in roll, tube or die cut shapes
  • Easily installed by the muffler manufacturer
  • Reduces gas erosion of fibres - enhances muffler lifespan
  • Withstands temperatures in excess of 700°C