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Automotive Knitted Mesh: Innovations For The Automotive Industry

Note: The automotive image is for positional purposes only

Around the world, many leading automotive component manufacturers rely on KnitMesh Technologies for their automotive knitted mesh needs.

Automotive Knitted Mesh Components

We have been involved in wire knitting for the automotive industry for over 40 years and enjoy an outstanding reputation for the quality of our knitted wire mesh products. We create custom automotive gaskets, sleeves utilizing wire mesh, baffles and other products that make autos run cleaner, better, and quieter.

Automotive Knitted Mesh Research & Development

Working closely with our customers, we draw on our considerable mesh design expertise (including performance optimisation techniques), and our extensive R & D capabilities, to develop highly effective and competitive products. We pride ourselves on delivering effective solutions on time and to budget. We are also one of the few wire knitting organisations in the world that meets TS16949:2009 – the international automotive industry standard.

Automotive Knitted Mesh Rapid prototyping

The KnitMesh Technologies rapid prototyping service, using low-cost development tooling, ensures fast component development for analysis and testing.

Automotive Knitted Mesh High temperature component testing

Our world-class fatigue testing facility enables us to test high temperature components – such as vehicle exhaust anti-vibration shields – at over 1000°C. We also operate an array of other development equipment, including modern compression / tensile testing and vibration testing.

Add a global manufacturing capability and KnitMesh Technologies is the only automotive knitted mesh specialist you need.

Automotive Products

Auto stainless steel mesh applications include muffler vibration mounts, high frequency vibration dampers (also called vibration absorption mounts), vibration damping mounts and exhaust silencer packing. Other exhaust components include: sound attenuation materials, exhaust flange seals and catalytic converter mesh sleeves.

In addition, KnitMesh Technologies also offers knitted mesh manifold gaskets for use in exhaust manifold seals and system joints. Plus a wide range of brake components, including mesh filters and breathers for heavy goods vehicle braking systems.