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Knitted Mesh Airbag Filters

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Knitted Mesh Airbag Filters

KnitMesh Technologies knitted mesh airbag filters have been specially developed to prevent incandescent particles from entering or damaging an airbag and to cool the expanding gas following actuation.

Incorporated in airbag inflator systems, knitted mesh airbag filters use uniformly compressed knitted wire mesh elements to trap particulates from the propellant and to cool the expanding gas.

These elements are normally manufactured from large diameter stainless steel or carbon steel wire and are suitable for use in driver's side, passenger's side and side door inflator designs. Density can be varied according to degree of filtration efficiency required and elements are often highly compressed.

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Airbag Filters KnitMesh Technologies
Examples of different of wire mesh size airbag particulate filters
KnitMesh Technologies KnitMesh Technologies KnitMesh Technologies

Features & Benefits

  • Knitted mesh airbag filters possess excellent filtration capability
  • Low-cost manufacture using state-of-the-art knitting machinery
  • Absorbs shock wave energy
  • Available in round, cylindrical or rectangular form
  • Prototypes are developed rapidly and inexpensively using low-cost tooling